Sarah Diehl

Unsere Autorin Sarah Diehl war vor kurzem in Lagos, Nigeria, und nahm am “Author’s Talk” des Goethe-Instituts Teil.

Die nigerianische Zeitung “The Nation” berichtet: “German writer and filmmaker Sarah Diehl is an advocate against societal or cultural stereotypes that breed distrust in humanity. She is constantly campaigning that people should break free from stereotypes that foster disunity and hatred among races and nations. Her greatest weapon is her creative works.”

Sarah selbst erklärte: “People are essentially the same, whether they are from Europe or Africa. They should focus more on similarities instead of differences. In the end, people should aim at working and living together peacefully in whatever system that they find themselves in. That is why I like the novel so much. It helps one to deal with one’s walls. It is exhausting but beautiful.”

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